Terra Libris

Who is TLeeF, anyway?

TLeeF is Terri Lee Frost, an old friend of mine who taught me a lot about being a good gamemaster and roleplayer.

I met her in 1986 when I put a card up in the gaming section of our local Waldenbooks, looking for players for an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I wanted to get started. Terri was the first one to respond, and even offered to host the campaign at her home.

She was a librarian for a high school in southern Maryland, over an hour away from her home, and she ran games of Paranoia and Elfquest for the students there. (She was permitted by the school administration to run any role-playing game she liked, as long as it wasn't called Dungeons & Dragons - remember, this was the mid-80s.)

Every Sunday for nearly a year, our group would gather at Terri's house to play all sorts of RPGs - AD&D, Paranoia, Elfquest, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Call of Cthulhu, and Ghostbusters, to name a few. For Halloween, she ran an AD&D/Paranoia/Call of Cthulhu crossover game in which many hit points, clones, and sanity points were laid to waste.

She was an excellent gamemaster and player, and always brought unique characters and perspectives to the table. "TLeeF" was the signature she would put on the bottom of every metal miniature she painted, which she did with amazing detail, despite having lost some of her fingers in a car accident.

I fell out of touch with her for a long time after I moved away in 1991, and recently got the terrible news that she died in a car accident a few years ago. It's sad to think that I'll never get to go on any more adventures with her again.

Because I think she would appreciate it, I dedicate the efforts of the Terra Libris project to her memory.

Thanks for the adventures, TLeeF!

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