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INTRODUCTION - Here we have the basis for this booklet laid out. It's the typical sort of fearmongering we've come to expect from groups like these.

The last paragraph is particularly chilling:

"This pamphlet is a condensed in-depth researched investigation designed to save educators and librarians hours of research and for them to reach a common sense decision."

Pat Pulling liked to tout herself as an expert on Dungeons & Dragons. She claimed to have testified as an expert witness in this capacity in several trials. It's not hard to imagine her using that same authority when offering this booklet to teachers and librarians, and putting a very deceptive face on the "hours of research" she and her group had really done..

It almost makes it sound as if the following pages will contain a balanced account on the pros and cons of Dungeons & Dragons in the school or library - after all, that's the sort of thing you would need to come to a common sense decision.