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Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure or Abomination?
The 700 Club's Anti-RPG Pamphlet - Pages 5-6

Notes and corrections

Page 5

"The game tells you to make your own weaponry." - Dungeons & Dragons does not "tell" anyone to make real-world weapons, nor does it provide instructions for doing so. All weapons are imaginary and used against imaginary opponents. This is identical to the way the game handles spellcasting - there are no real spells, no real instructions on how to cast them, and no real-world effects whatsoever. This is a myth that D&D opponents consistently restate.

...she filed suit against the school principal, the two teachers, and TSR. All suits were dismissed. - What CBN seems to offer as evidence of a cover-up is actually a very clear picture of how ridiculous Pulling's claims about D&D were.

Page 6

"Sulfur and garlic are used to conjure up demons." - While no source is given on how we should know that these are actual demon-summoning materials, note carefully that Dempsey doesn't mention finding any sulfur and/or garlic in his son's room, only that he smelled them. The odors he encountered may have come from a firearm being discharged in an enclosed area.