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One of the challenges of getting involved in the roleplaying hobby is finding stores that carry RPGs, or other gamers who also play RPGs or LARP. Thankfully, there are a lot of online resources available to help make meeting others a lot easier. The best part of all is that all of these sites are free of charge, so you don't have to choose. Sign up for them all, and increase your chances of finding the perfect group to game with!

NOTICE: ALWAYS use common sense when meeting new people. Don't allow yourself to be in a vulerable position. Meet in a public place, such as a game store, mall, or library, whenever possible., and don't give out private information until you are reasonably familiar with someone.

GAMER LOCATORS -'s section for Dungeons & Dragons players. Also look for,,,,, and, to name a few. (NOTE: While there is no cost to meet others through, there is a fee for starting a group.)

Fandom Directory - A huge database of fans of all types. You'll find gamers, game clubs, and game stores here, and much, much more. - Conventions, games, & local gamers near you.

Gamers Seeking Gamers - ENWorld's gamer locator. Find gamers, groups, and events, and find others in your area.

gamingcons - A database of gaming conventions, which happen to be an excellent place to meet new gamers.

Geekdō - The Way of the Geek - RPG sister site to Here you can make a profile, include your favorite RPGs, and even list which ones you've been playing lately.

GeekTransit - GeekTransit is the newest and easiest way to meet fellow gamers and learn of local gaming events. Using GeekTransit, whenever a gamer in your area posts a message seeking a game or about a game opening, you receive it.

Nearby Gamers - A no-frills site for finding gamers in your region. Allows search by category, so you can search by certain games or regions. Also features a discussion section.

The Pathfinder Society - A great network for fans of the Pathfinder RPG. - This site allows you to post requests for gamers for a set duration of time, classified ad-style, and also features a forum. 

SJGames Gamer Finder - The Steve Jackson Games database has been in place for a long time now, which is good and bad. The good is that it's very large, the bad is that a lot of the data may be out of date.

Wizards of the Coast - Store and Event Locator - WotC's locator only covers stores and events, but both are great places to meet other gamers.'s Call of Cthulhu Player Directory - for CoC players from all over the globe.


These are sites that offer more than just a simple search, and are modeled after popular social networking sites.

DnDWorlds - A community for fans of all editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Features forums, blogs, and wikis. (This site isn't working at the present time, but is included here in case that changes soon.)

Pen and Paper Games - An online community dedicated to bringing roleplayers together. Features forums, groups, and chat.

Vegas Gamers - "Uniting gamers from Vegas, Area 51, and beyond..."


This RPGnet thread begun by Tyler Dion features even more links, including several gamer locator subforums on various forum sites. Other users post their suggestions, and the master list is updated frequently

Know of any other good resources for finding gamers, clubs, and stores? Send them to me at !

Special thanks to Tyler Dion for supplying many of these links.