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Random EncounterSince 2000, Random Encounter has been the spot where your friend and narrator speaks his mind, wracks his brain, vents his spleen, spills his guts, lends an ear, keeps an eye out, shakes his fists, gets off of his butt, puts his nose to the grindstone, gets things off of his chest, gets a leg up, and gets back on his feet again.

Random Encounter is updated at diabolical whim.  You'll never know when the next installment will pop up, so please don't hurt yourself trying.

For your Random Encounter, roll percentile dice on the following table:

01-13 March 17th, 2000 - In which technology is used to its fullest potential.
14-22 April 1st, 2000 - In which my identity is stolen.
23-39 April 16th, 2000 - In which an anniversary is recognized.
40-51 July 7th, 2000 - In which the saddle is gotten back into.
52-61 April 1st, 2001 - In which evil forces are at work to destroy the site.
62-72 January 11th, 2002 - In which magic is put to the test. (See the updated version at Spellcasting 101)
73-84 January 28th, 2003 - In which letters about putting magic to the test are answered.
85-92 February 4th, 2007 - In which that which is searched for is not found.
93-00 February 2nd, 2009 - In which an old comic is revisited after 25 years.


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